There are two kinds of People in the world — the ones who just work hard, and the others who work hard and  smartly. The greatest level of success comes to the people who find a balance between hard work and smart work. This is certainly true in the world of Internet marketing.

If You are a blogger, you are working day and night to make great content, drive traffic and earn money from ads.  But it is easy to overlook some of the simplest methods of increasing traffic and thus AdSense earnings by a significant amount.

I am sharing with you one of the simplest ways to improve traffic and increase your income.

Long Tail and high CPC will increase earning in AdSense Keywords:

First, check out an awesome tool called SEMRUSH,which I am about to introduce to you.  SEMRUSH will help you in find long tail and high CPC keywords  within seconds!

Use SEMRUSH to finding the profitable AdSense Keywords:

SEMRUSH is  amazing tool and is a unique tool in terms of  features it offers then other similar sites.   SEMRUSH suggests long tail AdSense keywords to improve relevancy.

To get all you can from this excellent tool, I suggest you first compile the following tools:

  • Excel spreadsheet or any other tool you’re using to manage keywords.
  • SEMRUSH account Access. (Get complete 14-day free trial Click this link)
  • List of high and medium authority blogs in your Site.



Login To your SEMRUSH account and go to left side menu block, Find “Keyword Magic Tool” for finding long tail high CPC keywords.

You need to sort the list by clicking on the CPC tab, and it will sort all list in order of high to low CPC keywords first.

Now copy the long tail words and put it on your blog post. All Done!

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