About PHP

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) could be a widely-used open supply all-purpose scripting language that’s particularly fitted to internet development and might be embedded into HTML easly.

PHP is open supply, which means that everybody has free access to the ASCII text file and might use it for his or her own development functions. A key advantage of the open supply model is that you just avoid marketer lock-in.

There has been a massive increase in PHP adoption and plenty of giant internet applications are developed in PHP.

Short time to promote

PHP allows quick implementation of complicated solutions. The benefit? The quicker a brand new application enters the market, the upper your cost-efficiency and also the bigger your competitive advantage.

Easy Integration

PHP runs on much any platform – not solely on UNIX operating system, but also, for instance, on Windows, Unix, and IBM’s System i. additionally, as a result of PHP seamlessly integrates with different technologies (e.g. Java), we will re-use your current computer code elements. this is often a significant profit, as no re-development is needed for the prevailing computer code.


PHP conjointly offers nice flexibility throughout and once the initial project. this is often vital, since practicality typically changes throughout a project’s life. an excellent factor concerning PHP is that we will implement changes even once beginning development, while not losing valuable time.
Availability of resources

By resources, we tend to mean 2 things. First, because of the recognition of PHP, the amount of (usually free) resources on-line and offline is endlessly growing. despite what your wants square measure, it’s terribly probably that somebody has already developed one thing terribly similar, be it associated with frameworks, CMS, blogs, eCommerce, or one thing else. you may even notice somebody within the PHP community willing to assist you.

The second facet of resources refers to the sheer variety of PHP developers on the market. By selecting PHP as your main net language, your enlisting method may prove to be that additional bit easier. Qualifications like the Iranian Certification can assist you decide the simplest of the simplest.