How Do I Earn Money on ShopStyle Collective?

At ShopStyle Collective, we think that your traffic and sales are both important measures of your influence, so we’ve designed a program that helps you monetize both. Here’s how it works.

The Basics:
ShopStyle Collective is a dynamic pay-per-click affiliate program where you get paid for every click. ShopStyle Collective tracks all the clicks and sales you drive, and every month, our algorithm determines a unique pay-per-click rate for you based on your sales conversion. The more sales you drive, the more you get paid. The same pay-per-click rate applies to all the clicks you drive to all of ShopStyle’s retailers.

How Does This Work For You?
The dynamic pay-per-click system is designed to pay you for both traffic and sales. Another benefit of ShopStyle Collective’s dynamic pay-per-click system is that your Analytics Dashboard will always show you how much you’ll get paid every month (what you see is what you get). You won’t have to wait weeks for sales to close to find out how much money you’ve made.

What’s My Pay-Per-Click Rate?
On your Analytics Dashboard, you’ll see your earnings and clicks for any given time period. To see your pay-per-click rate, simply select the time period and divide earnings by clicks. In the example below: $753 earnings/15000 clicks = $0.05 per click.



How Can I Earn More?
When you think of how much you’ll earn on ShopStyle Collective, keep this simple equation in mind:

Number of clicks X pay-per-click rate = your earnings

To earn more money, you’ll want to increase both the number of clicks and the pay-per-click rate.

To increase the number of clicks, give your readers as many opportunities to click on your shoppable links as possible! Make sure you always:

  • Include at least 12 text links in every post
  • Include a widget of 5-10 products
  • Blog as often as you can
  • Regularly share product links on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter)

To increase your pay-per-click rate, you’ll want to work on increasing your sales conversion. The little arrow on your Insights Page tells you whether your sales conversion is going up or down this month. To make sure your sales conversion is up:

  • Blog about items from high-commission retailers
  • Promote the latest sales from our retailers
  • Include items in your posts that your readers can afford
  • Call out items in your posts that are on sale
  • Replace sold out items in your widgets

What’s Next?
The ShopStyle Collective blog has lots of tips and strategies on how to increase traffic and sales from your blog, so be sure to check back here often! We’re always here to help!