second beta is now available for the approaching php 7.2, which will be formally released on the end of November.

It should not come as an excessive amount of of a surprise, however the php 7.2 release time table was firmed up earlier this month and is aiming to ship with the aid of the quit of November.

with the intention to do a trendy availability release on 30 November, php 7.2 will begin alpha releases in early June, branching and feature freeze on 20 July, betas throughout July and August, followed by many launch candidates till the official launch is ready.

The current php 7.2 release agenda can be discovered through the Wiki.

See An Early observe feasible adjustments/functions For php 7.2, php 8.0 in case you are curious approximately a number of the paintings at the desk for php 7.2. php 7.2 will also be making several deprecations of features to then be removed in php 8.0.

An Early Look At Possible Features For PHP 7.2, PHP 8.0

PHP developer Pascal Martin has offered an early look at possible changes and new features for PHP 7.2 along with very early contenders for PHP 8.0.

PHP 7.1 isn’t even being released until at least November, but being into the feature freeze, it’s not too early talking about PHP 7.2 that should be released at some point in 2017. PHP 8.0, meanwhile, probably won’t come for at least a few years.

Among the possible changes for PHP 7.2 talked about by Pascal Martin are an E_WARNING on invalid container read array-access, adding an Argon2 password hash, a pipe operator, and a null coalesce equal operator. Those are currently in an RFC phase via the PHP Wiki.

Those curious about other RFCs currently under discussion for PHP can be found here.

Possibly seeing removal from PHP 8.0 is the mb_ereg_replace() eval option and the mcrypt extension.

You can read Pascal Martin’s blog post here.