In this tutorial, you may find out a way to generate random passwords with a handy PHP perform.

It’s always better to use a at random generated password instead of your name, birthday, city, etc. these days most registration forms need you to input a secure password and show you a warning message if the positive identification is simply too easy. If you’re making a registration system for your PHP project, it’ll be helpful to recommend a password to folks that register. Using PHP, it’s pretty simple to come up with a random positive identification.

Using the perform below you’ll specify what quite symbols your password(s) ought to contain, what the positive identification length ought to be, and the way several passwords you would like to come up with. The output are going to be an array with generated password(s).

We can also used MySQL database to store user auto generated password for login use .


You can use this code in function to call it whenever you need.